Demo Reel:


Warriors Musical: 

I did layout/backgrounds and animated a number of Steph Curry’s scenes in this animated short from Bleacher Report. You can read all about the making of it here!


Thomas, the Energy Cat

I did the animation and some of the design for this with Interface Media.


Basketball at the Y:

A fun little spot I did BG/layout and animation for, with art director Hannah Churn.


Elephant Selfie (Test): 

An animation test I did in Toon Boom Harmony based on a cute birthday card I received.



A series of short animated vignettes I did with Art Director and designer Hannah Churn. I rigged the characters and animated it in Toon Boom Harmony.


Finding Moo Friends: 

I did the character rigs using Toon Boom Harmony. All animation and background art by Marcos Correa of Paperivene.


GPA Learn:

I was responsible for the art direction and animation* in the product demos below. I also designed and rigged all the characters, and played Voice Director in the studio for a couple of days before going back to the tedium of making cartoons every day.

*except for the in-app animations shown in the demo clips.


Crow’s Nest:

My senior film from Savannah College of Art and Design

Crows Nest from Richard Silvius on Vimeo.

The Follower: 

Another film from Savannah College of Art and Design. Be warned, it contains imagery that might not be appropriate for everyone. The film is a sort of biographical “impression” of Charles Manson. My roles were co-directing, storyboarding, layout, character design and animation.

A rare example of my Flash work before Toon Boom took over my life:

Below is a silly little animation I did for the same class — our first project. It’s meant to be a Don Hertzfeldt ripoff. When the class watched it… you could hear the crickets chirping… I guess some folks don’t understand my humor!

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