Game of Zones Season 5 Begins!

Games of Zones is back! Check out the official season premiere:

I’m doing background design this year, so here’s what I did for this episode:


I have to write a few words about this ceiling. Holy SHIT this was fun. It was a mini-masterclass in renaissance art. Many of the figures are very nearly traced from famous paintings, while others¬† (Lebron James, Kevin Durant) are my own drawings based on poses from famous paintings. Easter Eggs abound here for both the art lover and the NBA fan. Oh — and finding photos of NBA players heads from the exact angles I needed… a massive project in itself.


My New VERY Scientific Hypothesis about Dinosaur behavior.

Baby Velociraptors!

Continuing on my dinosaur kick, here are some fluffy baby raptors playing with fireflies!



Dino Illustration from an old sketch

I have a new website!

Starting back in December 2015 I formed an LLC to use as my business entity when doing freelance work. I didn’t really do much with it, until recently, when I changed the name and built a website for it. Behold, Exclamation Media!



It’s a broad name intended to encompass the full range of projects I might undertake – everything from freelance to publishing my own books, animated shorts, or potentially even live action and VR content. We’ll see what happens!

What will become of I’m not sure yet. I may continue to post artwork here and use it as a companion to the new Exclamation site, or I may start from scratch with something like a photography site. There’s a whole other side to my creative life that has virtually no outlet to the world. Working out how to approach it has been difficult since I have sought to avoid confusion when people visit my online presence. It’s on ongoing process and may require some trial and error.

Behind the Zones – Episode 4

Check out the full episode here!

Game of Zones episode 4 covers the Brooklyn Nets, Orlando Magic and Toronto Raptors.

Here is the animatic from the Nets segment:

I slipped in a few architectural references — such as the Brooklyn Bridge inspired drawbridge in the establishing shot, and the Brooklyn Arch in the background of the courtyard, behind Bojan Bogdanovich.

Originally the Bros had asked for a painting of Jay-Z in Kenny Atkinson’s office. The painting seen here was something I just found on the internet that was so perfect I could not resist using it in the animatic just for fun, though for legal reasons it obviously¬†could not be in the episode.

The character drawings for the Nets in this episode are a little more simplified. The more detailed characters of previous episodes became too time-consuming to maintain as the production schedule tightened.

The next segment takes places in snowy Toronto Raptor “wildling” territory:

Originally we had planned on having the Magic trudge past a raptor skeleton buried in snow with an perched owl on it. Sadly there wasn’t time for it, but here’s the layout. I’m not sure what the owl thing was about, but I’m sure it was a joke.


The wildling snowman in this shot was another casualty.




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