Behind the Zones – Episode 4

Check out the full episode here!

Game of Zones episode 4 covers the Brooklyn Nets, Orlando Magic and Toronto Raptors.

Here is the animatic from the Nets segment:

I slipped in a few architectural references — such as the Brooklyn Bridge inspired drawbridge in the establishing shot, and the Brooklyn Arch in the background of the courtyard, behind Bojan Bogdanovich.

Originally the Bros had asked for a painting of Jay-Z in Kenny Atkinson’s office. The painting seen here was something I just found on the internet that was so perfect I could not resist using it in the animatic just for fun, though for legal reasons it obviously could not be in the episode.

The character drawings for the Nets in this episode are a little more simplified. The more detailed characters of previous episodes became too time-consuming to maintain as the production schedule tightened.

The next segment takes places in snowy Toronto Raptor “wildling” territory:

Originally we had planned on having the Magic trudge past a raptor skeleton buried in snow with an perched owl on it. Sadly there wasn’t time for it, but here’s the layout. I’m not sure what the owl thing was about, but I’m sure it was a joke.


The wildling snowman in this shot was another casualty.




Behind the Zones – Episode 3

Check out the full episode here!

Season 4 of Game of Zones was already well under way when the Charles Oakley thing happened. I hoped Craig and Adam would incorporate it into the show, and a few weeks later my wish came true.


For the Pacers segment, I did the thumbatic as well. That took some extra time, hence the much more inconsistent character drawings. Also, around this time Toon Boom released Storyboard Pro 5.5, which completely changed my workflow with its excellent new perspective tools. From this point on in the series, layouts were all done in Storyboard Pro. I also began to shade the layouts with basic values. It made things easier in parallax situations where characters were sandwiched between multiple background layers, as well adding depth and clarity.



Game of Zones – Blood Mark

New Game of Zones from Bleacher Report out today! Behind-the-Scenes coming soon.

Behind the Zones — Episode 2

Here are the animatics for the two segments of Bleacher Report’s Games of Zones Season 4, Episode 2. Watch the complete episode here!

Once again again, Craig and Adam had a very well thought out thumbatic to guide me. Those guys are incredible. I think this staging with the horses is a brilliant way to shake up a dialogue heavy animation scene without over-burdening the production team — I wish I could take credit for it, but it was their idea!

Episode 2 also takes us to Houston — Games of Zones’ “Dorne” — to look in on James Harden and Mike D’Antoni…

In addition to the layouts and animatics, I also did background paintings for the Bulls segment. The challenge was to make them detailed enough for the long camera move as well as the tight cropping in the close-ups.


Layouts from the Rockets segment.



Story and Layout for Game of Zones Season 4, Episode 1

It’s time for some behind-the-scenes of the internet’s favorite basketball webseries! Check out the first four episodes here, then watch the animatic to see how things changed in Episode 1, including a deleted Tim Duncan retirement scene!

I have to give a lot of credit to the show creators Craig and Adam Malamut who provided a very detailed “thumbatic” of what they wanted, which made my job a whole lot easier.

Sc01_Sh01_color key

A rough color pass for the Oklahoma scene


I had to replace my initial layout for the scene behind Lebron with something much easier on the production team.


Layout from the deleted Tim Duncan Retirement scene.

I also did the background art for the opening Oklahoma Thunder sequence.

New Game of Zones Episodes!

I recently wrapped in my role as story and layout artist for the web series “Game of Zones,” and the new episodes are starting to roll out! The Bros at Bleacher Report have a great season in store for you, with hilarious writing and tons of basketball easter eggs for you to find. Here are the first few episodes – stay tuned for more episodes and behind-the-scenes artwork!




Thomas the Energy Cat

I’m finally getting around to posting this project from last November — a fun little promo for renewable energy I animated with IMG Media for the South African Embassy:

I love it when these little cartoon modern projects come along — it’s such a fun style to work with. Serena Henderson did the lovely background art.

Here’s some behind-the-scenes art:


Poses based on provided design by Steve Karp (center).



A few days after submission we got back some pictures of John Kerry giving a talk with this animation playing on TV’s behind him. Pretty cool!




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