Dog Eat

I’ve been out of school for a few months now. It’s been a wonderful, healing time. I’ve had just enough freelance work to keep me busy but unstressed, and have enjoyed having time to sketch again.

So, I’ve been doing lots of character sketches — toying with designs and ideas for my next animated short. Earlier this week I did a goofy drawing of a dog eating, and thought I’d make an animation out of it. I wanted the animation to match the silliness of the original sketch, so I worked quickly, keeping it loose and just having fun. I didn’t worry much about staying on model or coloring in the lines. I like the result, and hope you will too!

[vimeo 58784542]

Below are the sketches that inspired the animation:

dog_sketches dog_sketches 1

Before I started animating I did a few more exploratory sketches in the computer — the dog character at the bottom right ended up being (more or less) the model. The two at top left are what happens when my brain forgets what I am doing and where I am…


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