The Perfect Sketchbook

I wouldn’t normally promote a product on my blog — however — this is a very special exception. I have found (for me) the PERFECT sketchbook.

If you are like me, every time you go to buy a new sketchbook, you’re looking for something better. Maybe the thing was too big, too small, bulky, or had that annoying spiral binding that gets all wonky and bent. Or, maybe the paper wasn’t quite right. I’ve experienced ALL of those — and going to buy a sketchbook is was an all day project.

Enter the Canson 180 Art Book. (5.5″ x 8.5″ version) It’s just the right size. Just the right weight. The paper (again, for me) is just the right texture. It’s not blindingly, dazzlingly white like some paper, nor is it overtly toned. It has a nifty magnetic latch.

That’s all fine — the real reason this sketchbook kicks so much ass is because of the way it is bound. It opens completely flat. As in, continue your line from one side to the other side flat. No more annoying dimple when you get to the inside edge of a page. No annoying spiral binding to bump your hand against.

And, the best feature of all — the 5.5″ x 8.5″ model fits PERFECTLY on virtually all flatbed scanner platen. And LAYS FLAT!! So — kiss that annoying blurry patch in the crease of your sketchbook GOODBYE! This is by far the easiest sketchbook to scan, EVER.

I like it so much I ordered 10 of ’em online, because they are so awesome to draw in that I’m filling it up faster than any sketchbook I’ve ever used.

One note — I have modified mine with a Pen Loop. I have used this thing on the last 5 sketchbooks or so. I just rip it off the old ones and attach it to new ones using double sided tape. It’s been handy, but when you have a pen in it, it obscures the magnetic latch.  Actually, I caused the material on the latch to tear by opening the book constantly with the pen still in the loop. The leverage against the pen caused a rip. I had to secure it with duct tape. I don’t think I will continue to use the loop.

dawgs Sketchbook-3 Sketchbook-2 Sketchbook-1




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