Crow’s Nest Screening at ASIFA’s “Roll Yer Own”

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Recently my film “Crow’s Nest” screened at ASIFA Atlanta’s Roll Yer Own, a sort of miniature animation festival exclusively featuring the films of local animators.

Any doubts I had about my film were set aside as the audience erupted in laughter around me, and held their breath in anticipation as the film defied their expectations. (No spoilers here!)

Afterwards, several animators whom I respect very much made a point of telling me how much they enjoyed it, and the following review was published in Creative Loafing:

“Contrast this with Crow’s Nest by Richard Silvius, which would be right at home in the Adult Swim line-up. The titular crow plays “Roadrunner” to a Pirate’s “Coyote” as the Cap’n attempts to rid his ship of its unwanted castaway. Silvius’s classic animation style delivers vivid, graphic, over-the-top Itchy and Scratchy violence – including a mishap where the Pirate amputates his own foot with an errant dagger toss.”

Gabe Wardell, Creative Loafing Atlanta

I could not be happier with the film’s reception, especially considering it was my first film, and was made under considerable time constraints. (Not least of which was another simultaneous short film!)

Considering the favorable reactions, I plan to submit the film to a few more festivals before making it available for viewing here on my blog!

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