Behind the Zones — Episode 2

Here are the animatics for the two segments of Bleacher Report’s Games of Zones Season 4, Episode 2. Watch the complete episode here!

Once again again, Craig and Adam had a very well thought out thumbatic to guide me. Those guys are incredible. I think this staging with the horses is a brilliant way to shake up a dialogue heavy animation scene without over-burdening the production team — I wish I could take credit for it, but it was their idea!

Episode 2 also takes us to Houston — Games of Zones’ “Dorne” — to look in on James Harden and Mike D’Antoni…

In addition to the layouts and animatics, I also did background paintings for the Bulls segment. The challenge was to make them detailed enough for the long camera move as well as the tight cropping in the close-ups.


Layouts from the Rockets segment.



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