I have a new website!

Starting back in December 2015 I formed an LLC to use as my business entity when doing freelance work. I didn’t really do much with it, until recently, when I changed the name and built a website for it. Behold, Exclamation Media!



It’s a broad name intended to encompass the full range of projects I might undertake – everything from freelance to publishing my own books, animated shorts, or potentially even live action and VR content. We’ll see what happens!

What will become of richardsilvius.com? I’m not sure yet. I may continue to post artwork here and use it as a companion to the new Exclamation site, or I may start from scratch with something like a photography site. There’s a whole other side to my creative life that has virtually no outlet to the world. Working out how to approach it has been difficult since I have sought to avoid confusion when people visit my online presence. It’s on ongoing process and may require some trial and error.

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