New Game of Zones episode

I recently had a blast working on the backgrounds for Game of Zones: The Purple Retirement. Mucho Gracias to Craig and Adam Malamut for bringing me on board!

Saxophone Colossus

Colossus Can you guess whose art style I may or may not be successfully aping?

Elephant Selfie

My mother in law gave me this birthday card last year. I really liked the design, and I have wanted to animate it ever since. I finally found the time!


I took this picture of it using my phone, and ended up really liking the grain effect — so I added it to the animation even though the card’s not like that.


Character design by Lim Heng Swee. Nice work Lim!

Goin’ Down!

I animated this Cyanide and Happiness cartoon a little while back. It’s pretty hilarious so check it out. Cheers to Mike Parker and the rest of the team for their great work on this!


Zombie Doodles

It’s October. Gotta do some Zombies! Digitally inked page from my sketchbook.


Pumba for @Sketchdailies

Toon Boom Harmony Rig Demo

I did this rig at my previous job, and was really proud of how it came out. Really fun to animate with! Here’s a little demo of it:

You can see it in action in my new demo reel — unfortunately we only ever got to try it out in one video, so there are not many examples! I’d like to build something similar again, that I would be free to animate with.

2015 Demo Reel

Finally, my long awaited (at least, by me) 2015 Demo Reel!

Because, Anvil.

I finally got around to finishing this little piece! Now I can finally say I have animated an anvil falling on a character. Livin’ the dream…

My logo is in there because I’m going to plug this in as the new intro for my demo reel.

Samurai Jack as a Jedi…

A little Samurai Jack for @Sketch_Dailies.


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